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My Six-day Journey Through the Sahara, and Why Succession Planning is a Multi-Day Marathon, Not a Sprint! – Part 1

It’s said that the Marathon des Sables is the toughest footrace on earth. A 156-mile race over six days through the Sahara Desert in temperatures of up to 50°C would certainly suggest as much. Having rowed across the Atlantic Ocean in 2016, Frances Davies was ready for the challenge.


When the Going Gets Tough – the Tough Get Muddy!

On Saturday, Team Progeny took on Tough Mudder – 20 obstacles over a very muddy 10 miles – with the aim of raising money for some great charities. Alex Shaw and Anna Jones give their account of how the team rose to the Tough Mudder challenge.


Introducing Club Legal by Progeny – Corporate Legal Support to Protect and Enhance your Business

Introducing Club Legal by Progeny – a fixed-fee subscription service giving businesses unrestricted access to corporate legal support. Club Legal can be tailored to suit requirements with a hand-picked combination of services including HR and employment law support, corporate and commercial legal…


Is Your Business Ready for Ramadan?

The Muslim holy month of Ramadan is fast approaching. What are the practical considerations for employers during this period? It helps to be mindful of how Ramadan can impact your workforce, and being prepared as an organisation enables employers to best support their Muslim employees.

New Generation Burundi Imboneza FC team

The International Football Tournament that Scores for Street Children

For some of the football teams heading to Russia this summer, how far they have travelled to be part of their own festival of football beats the distance covered by any football star and represents an incredible achievement in itself – before a ball has even been kicked...


Progeny Asset Management Marks Two Years in Business – Timeline

Progeny Asset Management was created two years ago to deliver value to its investment clients and financial advisers. As we approach our two-year anniversary, it’s a timely opportunity to look back on how the world has developed since 2016 and how Progeny Asset Management has grown and responded to…


Introducing Progeny’s ‘Optimised Passive Income 60/40’ portfolio – a New Solution in a Low Interest Rate Environment

Progeny is pleased to announce a new portfolio product for financial advisers. The Progeny Asset Management Optimised Passive Income 60/40 is a low-cost, index-tracking solution developed for an investing environment where it can be difficult for investors to achieve a yield of over 3%.


Leasehold Properties – Making Sure You’re On Solid Ground

Leasehold property owners know that the ground under their feet is owned by someone else – they rent it from a freeholder. Over the last decade, buyers of new leasehold houses have been shocked to discover that developers have ushered in contracts allowing ground rent to double every 10 years.


10 Tips for Surviving Inevitable Market Falls

It is an inevitable part of investing that at some point markets will fall by an alarming – if not unexpected – degree. We haven’t seen large market falls for a decade, but we should expect that we will. When, and in what magnitude, no-one knows. Remembering the following 10 tips can help...


Making Gifts as an Attorney or Deputy – What You Can and Can’t Do

Deciding whether to give a gift is a key part of the responsibility of being a deputy or an attorney, but there are strict limits imposed on attorneys and deputies relating to the gifts they are allowed to make under Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) and Deputy Order rules. We explain the rules...


Building the Model for Your Financial Life with Lifetime Cashflow Modelling

We use Lifetime Cashflow Modelling to help clients put a financial plan together. It helps clients get financially well-organised by illustrating the effects of financial actions or changes to plans, at any point in their lives. We help clients plan ahead for all life’s challenges and opportunities.


Rocketing Tribunal Claims a Timely Reminder for Employers

Since employment tribunal fees were abolished in July 2017, there has been a 90% increase in claims. In an environment of no fees, we are likely to see increasing numbers of workers willing to bring claims. Employers need to consider whether they are protected against these.


Having a Strategy Helps You Ride Out Market Volatility

The increase in market volatility earlier this year was amongst the most dramatic we’ve witnessed for a while. It can be natural to want to respond. This is why it is important to have an investment plan in place to guide investment decisions and activity whatever the markets throw at us.


Progeny Featured in The Times, The Sunday Times and The Financial Times

Progeny made its mark on the media this weekend, featuring in a number of pieces across the broadsheets. We have recently posted articles about the topics of cost transparency and how investing in the AIM market can help mitigate against the impact of Inheritance Tax, so it was a good opportunity…


Applying for a Grant of Probate – or Getting to Know What You Don't Know

A grant of probate, or grant of representation, allows a person to distribute the assets of someone who has died according to the wishes set out in their will. Individuals can enlist the help of a solicitor with the process of gathering information and applying for it, or choose to do it themselves.


Retirement Income – It all used to be so easy...

Securing an income in retirement used to be relatively simple. Today, with final salary pension schemes all but gone, it's more complex. In this post we look at some of the complexities around retirement planning and discuss why retirement advice from an independent financial adviser is so…


Joint Tenants or Tenants-in-Common – Which is Best for Couples Buying Property?

When buying a property together, unmarried couples have a choice over whether to register with the land registry as joint tenants or as tenants in common. It’s worth looking at each of these options in more detail before deciding which one is right for you.

Alex Shaw, age 10, and his mum

We All Have the Power to Make Good Things Happen — Why Social Responsibility Matters at Progeny

Alex Shaw, Director of Progeny Wealth, shares his emotional and inspiring story, explaining why social responsibility matters to him and everyone else at Progeny.


Seeing A Clear Vision of Greater Transparency

We have always endeavoured to be as open and transparent as possible with our clients about our fees and those of the investment managers we use. Increased transparency can help investors to understand how much they are paying in fees. This means more clarity and an ability to compare the…


Progeny featured in The Times and The Telegraph

It’s been a busy week in the media for Progeny as we have secured coverage in both The Times and The Telegraph over the past few days, discussing investing best practices for younger investors.

Zee Hussain

Corporate Lawyers – Not Just Here for the Nasty Things in Life

Zee Hussain has recently joined Progeny Corporate Law to help develop outsourced legal solutions for corporate and business clients. He reflects on how, like the Yellow Pages, lawyers are ‘not just here for the nasty things in life’.


How Parents of Cohabitees Can Protect their Property Interest

It is quite common for parents to want to give their offspring a financial leg-up the property ladder. However, many parents want to make sure that their and their child’s interests in the property are properly protected.


Robbie Burns' Words Still Resonate Today

Tonight is Burns Night and the words of his Selkirk Grace continue to resonate many years after they were first penned. They remind us that those of us who are in a position to put food on the table and look after our families and friends should be grateful.


Taking AIM to Mitigate Inheritance Tax

Preparing for Inheritance Tax is an area that regularly impacts on our clients’ financial and legal planning. By structuring their portfolios accordingly, and by using our AIM Portfolio, clients can take advantage of business property rules to reduce their liability to IHT.


Getting Fit for 2018 – Physically and Financially

This year, a group of us are entering the Tough Mudder race for charity. As we’ve been preparing for our challenge, I’ve been reflecting on all the parallels between physical and financial fitness.

Screen Shot 2017-12-19 at 16.48.49 copy 2.jpg

Don't Hide from the Monster Under Your Bed this Christmas

We all harbour fears and apprehensions – those that it’s easier to pull the duvet over our heads and ignore. But as our young protagonist in the John Lewis advert found out with his new friend Moz the Monster, it can be far more rewarding to face up to your fears and confront them head on.


Will Planning for Business Owners – Protecting your Beneficiaries and your Business

Business owners have particular demands and circumstances and their will and estate planning needs to take this into account. Here are the reasons why will planning for your business is vital.


Landlords Prepare for an Energy-Efficient New Year

Changes to energy efficiency requirements for private rental properties are on the horizon. These have been in the pipeline since 2011, but with only a little over three months to go before the regulations come into effect it’s time for landlords to make sure they’re up to speed with the new rules.


SIPP It and See… Part Two: Why Commercial Property Investment doesn't need to be a game of chance

Commercial property investment can offer great opportunities for investors but comes with its own unique set of considerations that should be considered.


Is Santa Claus coming to the High Street?

As we approach the end of 2017, investors are starting to ask whether this year we’ll see the famed and fabled ‘Santa Claus rally’. Only time will tell.


The Autumn Budget 2017

Amidst a backdrop of Conservative party division over Brexit, Chancellor Phillip Hammond delivered his first Autumn Budget on Wednesday.

A Matter of Trust – Using a Trust in your Will

Should you should set up a trust as part of your will? This month, we’re looking at the advantages of trusts, and how they work to protect your assets, give greater flexibility when distributing your estate, and provide inheritance tax savings for future generations.

SIPP It and See… Part One – How we used Progeny’s combined expertise to set up a SIPP for staff

SIPPs are a type of personal pension that gives investors the freedom to manage their own fund by dealing with and switching their investments when they want to.


Dedication’s What You Need…

… if you wanna be a record breaker! It’s a simple but effective piece of advice. It got me thinking about the role of dedication in helping us to achieve our goals.


Ten Reasons Why You Should Use a Solicitor to Make Your Will

Everyone should have a will, and while there are now many cheap will-making options available, you should think carefully before taking this approach.


Celebrate Progeny Asset Management’s First Anniversary at Bowcliffe Hall

As Progeny Asset Management approaches its first year in business, we will be celebrating with a lunch for clients on 15th November in the impressive surroundings of Bowcliffe Hall.

As a Founder, are you ready for the Sale of your Business? – A Progeny Case Study

Sometimes we work on a case that provides a perfect example of how we operate across the Progeny Group, showcasing how our structure offers such a breadth of expertise.

Keeping Your Investment Strategy in Check

Nowadays, it’s very easy for investors to access their portfolios. While good for transparency, this might not be best for long-term investment returns.


Controversial Comments About Lasting Powers of Attorney

Director Frances Davies discusses the controversial comments that have been made about Lasting Powers of Attorney.


Inheritance Tax Planning for Woodland Property

Senior Adviser John Brien discusses the issues around inheritance tax planning for properties with woodland.